Prevent Sun Scald with Basic Winter Tree Care

  “Sun scald? But it’s winter!” How can trees get damage from a sun if it’s not even as intense as it is in the summer? Believe it or not, sun damage is a very real risk in the winter time. Trees go into a dormant state when the weather [...]

Mulch: A Much Desired Fall Yard Care Service in St. Louis

  Early fall is the perfect time to consider Hansen’s mulching yard care in St. Louis. In the fall and winter, your dormant yard will have fewer defenses against the changing weather, making mulch an essential part of your yard care routine. Can You Imagine Spending a St. Louis Winter [...]

Professional Stump Removal Services in St. Louis

A dead tree stump can make an otherwise beautiful yard seem unsightly. Not only that, spreading roots can cause damage to the pavement or it could become a haven for insects that will infest your home.  Because of these problems, it is best to find professionals to come and safely [...]

Tis the Season for Mulch

Now that spring has (finally!) arrived, it is time to find the right mulch to really make your garden pop. Get your newly blooming plants and flowers the nutrients they need to grow up strong, healthy and lush.  Hansen’s Tree Service can help you pick the right mulch for the [...]

St. Louis Stump Removal and Your Yard

Winter storms can cause trees to collapse. The weight of ice and snow may be too much for an old tree to handle, and it is suddenly lying on its side. When this happens, you may find that your yard has an unsightly stump remaining, ruining the aesthetics of an [...]