Commercial & Residential Tree Care Services

Hansen’s Tree Service specializes in providing superior large-scale tree services for commercial and residential properties. You can expect an efficient, professional outcome every time because all of Hansen’s tree care professionals go through our extensive training program. In addition, we minimize damage at every level by using the latest, safest equipment and providing all tree service customers with a Certificate of Insurance. This certificate protects you and your property before, during, and after the job. You can’t do better than Hansen’s for your tree care needs.

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Commercial Tree Care Services

Investing in professional tree services can do wonders for your company’s image. Hansen’s Tree Service is here to make sure you always present a polished, well-kept look with quality land clearing and annual care solutions. Take the first step towards an impeccable exterior. Submit an RFQ today.

Sprawling red brick office building in suburban Maryland, United States. Building is set back from the road, and has low trees in front.

Residential Tree Care Services

Good trees make good neighbors. Hansen’s Tree Service can help you maintain your tree’s health and beauty, respond during emergency storm damage, and provide advice on best care practices for delicate or older trees.

Residential 2-story brick home in an upscale suburban neighborhood.