Green waste makes up over a quarter of America’s current landfills (23% as of 2013). Additionally, Missouri’s “no yard waste allowed” law means dumping takes more fuel, time, and money to haul green waste to distant landfills.

These problems are easily solved with local resource recycling services. Green resource recycling increases the space and life of landfills while re-introducing important nutrients back to the environment through organic mulch and compost.

That’s why in addition to recycling 100% of the green waste we generate with our tree services, Hansen’s also recycles green waste from builders, developers, businesses, and the greater community.

What We Accept

Hansen’s green resource recycling centers accept:

  • Wood waste: logs, trees limbs, leaves, stumps, brush, and other plants
  • Lawn waste: grass clippings, fallen leaves, etc.
  • Green construction waste: pallets and dimensional lumber (unstained, untreated)

Our Green Waste Drop Off Locations

Our 5 drop off locations for green resource recycling are in 4 Missouri metropolitan cities, including: