About Us

Believe it or not, Hansen’s Tree Service all started as a side job. Back in 1988, Founder and President Jeff Hansen, a longtime BFI employee, started trimming trees a few Saturdays per month so his wife could stay home with their children. Word started to get around, and the side job started becoming more regular, and even a bit overwhelming. With his employer’s blessing, Jeff decided to turn the business into a full-time venture.

As our love for trees and everything green blossomed, so did our company. In 2005 Hansen’s was recognized as the first tree-care company in Missouri to be certified by the Tree Care Industry Association. Hansen’s employs 10 International Society of Arboriculture-certified arborists, making the company one of the most accredited tree service companies in the St. Louis area.

Hansen’s owes much of its growth to the diversification of services as well as its philosophy on employee education. The company not only provides residential and commercial services such as tree diagnosis, treatment for sick trees, pruning, tree removal and stump removal, but also has expanded into other areas. Among these are Hansen’s mobile grinder, mulch and compost. In all, Hansen’s employees 90 people and operates a fleet of 75 trucks.


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Certificate Of Insurance

Tree care professional ranks at the top of the list for the nation’s most dangerous jobs. So, we carry insurance to protect you.

Certified Arborists

Hansen’s takes employee training and safety seriously. Hansen’s employs 6 International Society of Arboriculture-certified arborists. 


We work so hard to ensure that our organic products meet certification standards from trusted organizations like the U.S. Composting Council and OMRI™.


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