Mulch: A Much Desired Fall Yard Care Service in St. Louis


Early fall is the perfect time to consider Hansen’s mulching yard care in St. Louis. In the fall and winter, your dormant yard will have fewer defenses against the changing weather, making mulch an essential part of your yard care routine.

Can You Imagine Spending a St. Louis Winter Outdoors…Naked?

Many people believe fall yard care in St. Louis is “optional.” However, leaving your yard to fend for itself can have devastating consequences. While many trees and plants have leaves that produce certain solutes, proteins, and lipids to fend off cold weather, these abilities provide little to no protection for their root systems. Therefore, exposed roots can form ice crystals on their inside their cells, potentially killing the grass, plant, or tree. Not only is the death of a living thing a tragedy in itself, but removing and replacing dead grass, plants, or trees can create quite a dent in your wallet.

Save yourself the expense—and the guilt—by spreading mulch over your yard. Mulch provides a solid barrier between roots and the frigid climate. By protecting your grass, plants, and trees from an untimely end, mulch is the perfect fall yard care in St. Louis.

The Right Mulch for Your Yard

Hansen’s offers several types of organic mulch to yard enthusiasts, but your lawn preferences may determine which mulch you choose.

  • Our Double Ground Organic Blend is our most popular mulch product due to its sturdy, twice-ground size.
  • While our Triple Ground Organic Blend is less bulky and more aesthetically pleasing, it is more likely to be disturbed by strong winds and storms.
  • The IPEMA Compliant Playground Mix is aptly named for customers with active children. Consider using this larger sized mulch around trees or backyards—anywhere your kids like to play tag in the back-to-school months.


Don’t Fancy Shoveling? Get Hansen’s to Take Care of It!

Mulch can be a labor intensive material to handle—not the most popular chore. Hansen’s St. Louis fall yard care will distribute mulch around your trees, plants, and flowerbeds to keep them safe throughout the colder months. Our professional services will leave your yard as tidy as we found it; you don’t even have to worry about the clean up. Call us today to set up an appointment.

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