Benefits of Mulching in the Fall

When most people think of mulching, they think of weed control in the spring and summer months. But mulch is just as important during the fall for a different reason. When the colder St. Louis weather sets in and the ground freezes, root systems can become exposed. Mulch aids in [...]

Preparing Your Trees for Winter

Trees can be badly damaged during severe winter storms. Trees are biologically engineered to adjust to most of the things that “Mother Nature” dishes up. Sometimes, however, trees are not able to compensate for catastrophic events, and a failure occurs. By identifying problems and dealing with them before winter storms [...]

What You Need to Know Before Buying Compost

Buying compost has never been easier Think back five to ten years ago. The only compost you ever knew about was the stuff that some folks managed to make out of their scraps in bins in their backyards. Garden guides often refer to compost as “natures method” of recycling. Nature [...]

Buying Organic Compost

Buying organic compost isn’t just purchasing a truck load of manure anymore. Soil maintenance needs more than just manure. Maintaining healthy soil is at the heart of growing organic. I’ve heard it said “Feed the soil and the plants will take care of themselves”. That is a very true statment. [...]

The Magic Beans- Hansen’s Own Organic Compost – St. Louis

Buying Organic Compost and using it after Aeration gives a lot of “Bang for the Buck” In the heat of a St. Louis summer, it’s hard to believe, what my lawn really is thirsty for is the benefits that organic compost brings. Face it, it’s St. Louis, it’s hot & [...]