Soil Injected Fertilizers Versus Pellets & Stakes

Do you want to keep your trees healthy and robust? In many cases, adding fertilization to your tree care routine is just what’s needed. But what kind of fertilizer should you use? Stakes, pellet, or liquid fertilizers? Up Next: Budgeting For Home Tree Care Liquid soil injected fertilizers have many [...]

Why & When You Should Water Your Trees In The Winter

Few people realize that trees are actually very active during the winter months. If the ground doesn’t become frozen solid, tree roots are very active and will grow during these “dormant” months. Watering in winter, especially if the season has been mild or dry, allows moisture and nutrients to reach [...]

Protecting New Trees In The Winter

Winter can take a toll on your plants. From salt damage to foraging animals, young trees are especially vulnerable and need extra care. Protecting new trees in winter is a vital step in their health and growth. Up Next: 5 Common Diseases & How To Protect Your Trees If you [...]

Why Soil Injected Fertilizer Is Worthwhile

Fertilizing your trees is an essential part of putting your trees to bed before winter. While you can fertilize through traditional methods like granular fertilizer, advances in tree care technology have made caring for your trees simpler. Up Next: Prevent Insect Problems With Horticultural Oil Treatments Injection treatments, also known [...]

Fall Is A Great Time To Mulch Your Trees

Yes! The best time to mulch around your trees and in your garden is the fall. Mulching in the fall provides your trees and lawn many benefits that keep them healthy throughout the winter and beyond. Unseasonable Weather: The Problems For Early Budding Trees Mulching Preserves Soil Moisture Mulching protects [...]