What’s Wrong With My Tree? Hypoxylon Canker

Hypoxylon Canker Is A Fungus

Hypoxylon canker is a disease caused by the fungus Entoleuca (Hypoxylon) mammatum. It enters a tree through wounds on branches or trunk and grows in the sapwood. Here, it will kill conductive tissue. When infected, trees can see rapid decline and can die in one to two years if the disease goes undetected.

Signs And Symptoms Of Hypoxylon Canker

Symptoms of hypoxylon canker include:

  • Sloughing bark
  • Yellowing, wilting leaves
  • A silvery or cushiony layer of fungus
  • Sunken areas in infected wood
  • Dead or dying limbs

If your trees are experiencing these symptoms, contact the professionals at Hansen’s Tree Service. We will come to your home on your schedule for an inspection and hassle-free estimate.

Treatment Of Hypoxylon Canker

When it comes to treating hypoxylon canker it all depends on how much of the tree’s crown is infected. If over 15% of the crown is infected, the tree should be removed and destroyed. The fungus can live on in dead wood so the removed tree should never be used for mulch.

If the tree is in the early stages of infection, infected branches and cankers should be pruned away and the wood destroyed.

Always get an ISA-certified arborist to prune your trees. They are insured and have the knowledge required to safely removed infected branches.

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