What’s Wrong With My Tree? Hypoxylon Canker

Hypoxylon Canker Is A Fungus Hypoxylon canker is a disease caused by the fungus Entoleuca (Hypoxylon) mammatum. It enters a tree through wounds on branches or trunk and grows in the sapwood. Here, it will kill conductive tissue. When infected, trees can see rapid decline and can die in one [...]

4 Low-pollen Trees For Your Missouri Garden

Spring allergies are the bane of many a person’s existences in Missouri. High pollen counts coat our cars yellow and get us sneezing up a storm. Keeping an eye on pollen counts can help us with allergies, as well as knowing what trees are the biggest offenders. Up Next: 6 [...]

Safely Removing TP From Your Trees This Halloween

Now, we’re not saying your trees will get TP’d as a “trick” this Halloween but drive around any neighborhood and you may see TP strung up. And if it has happened to you before, you know how frustrating it can be to remove. Up Next: 3 Ways You Unknowingly May [...]

Take Action Now To Prevent Oak Wilt

Oak wilt is an aggressive fungal disease that attacks the water-conducting tissues of oak trees. This disease, caused by the pathogen Ceratocystis fagacearum, is one of the most serious diseases to affect oak trees in the United States. Up Next: 5 Common Tree Diseases & How To Protect Your Trees [...]