Tree Services To Consider This Fall

Fall is a great time of year to have your trees inspected to identify and issues and prescribe treatments. Treatments might include service such as pruning, limb support, tree removal, or preventive treatments for insects and disease and promoting plant health care.

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Here are some tree services to consider this fall:

Tree Consulting & Risk Assessment

Trees are an important investment that add value to your property. That’s why Hansen’s provides tree health consulting services that will give you detailed information about the best tree care options for your property. When you schedule a consultation or risk assessment, a professional arborist will come to your home to determine the health of your trees. They will look for signs that your tree may need pruning, cabling and limb support, removal, or plant health care treatments. They will also evaluate your home’s risk and offer suggestions based on your tree’s health to create a safer environment.

During a risk assessment, an arborist will perform a one-hour evaluation to look for signs of diseases, structural integrity, overgrown roots, the potential for property damage, and more. Much like the tree consultation, they will provide you with information and the best care options for your trees to keep your home safe. We recommend both inspections yearly to avoid any future damage from happening.


As the leaves begin to fall off your trees, it is easier to tell if your trees need pruning. Tree pruning is the removal of dead, decaying, and undesirable limbs from a tree to improve visual appeal, promote healthy growth, and remove hazards. It is essential for promoting healthy trees on your property. Hansen’s offers cleaning, thinning, raising, and reduction methods to add strength and reduce damage to your trees. All of our practices are approved by the International Society of Arborists (ISA), and our knowledgeable ISA Certified Arborists are committed to practicing ethical tree pruning techniques.

Tree Removal

If you have a tree in your yard that is dead or unsafe, removing it is likely your best option. There is no tree too big or too small for Hansen’s Tree Service to remove. By utilizing cranes, aerial lifts, and other state-of-the-art equipment, we can remove hazardous trees from almost any location with minimal impact on the area surrounding the tree. Our team will keep your home safe and clean up your yard as if the tree were never there.

To determine if you require tree removal, look for signs of damage or dangerous limbs. There can be many signs that a tree needs removing that you aren’t even aware of, so if you’re unsure, have one of our arborists come out and evaluate it for you. We will make sure to provide you with the best options for removal if needed.

Plant Health Care

Trees at your home may need a bit of extra help to maintain their health. Soils and the growing environment in your yard may not be as ideal as soils found in woodland settings. Our ISA Certified Arborists can determine which treatments are best for your trees. Prescriptions are made to boost tree vigor and prevent insect or disease issues. We utilize the latest equipment that often involves pre-measured doses of injected materials. Preventive sprays of horticultural are also considered to be one of the best general treatments to kill many overwintering pests on your trees.

Talk To Us At Hansen’s

Fall is a great time to get an inspection for all of these services that protect your home and keep your trees healthy and strong. If you want to set up a consultation or schedule a time to get work done on your trees, visit our website or contact us today when you call 636.379.1830. You can also get a hassle-free estimate!



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