What’s Wrong With My Tree? Oak Decline

Oak Decline Can Happen For Many Reasons

Oak decline is a complex event that can happen for many reasons, including age, where they grow, how the land is being used, and weather events such as drought. Disease can also be contributing factor, such as oak wilt. Those oaks most affected by oak wilt include those in the red oak family such as black oak, scarlet oak, and southern red oak.

Signs & Symptoms Of Oak Decline

The signs and symptoms of oak decline depends on what is contributing it, but common symptoms of decline include:

  • Leaf wilt
  • Dieback
  • Limb breakage

Death by oak wilt can happen and, in some trees, it can take years.

Contact Hansen’s Tree Service For Tree Health Services

The best control for oak decline is through prevention by maintaining healthy and vigorous trees. Removing hazardous trees from your property and getting healthy trees regularly inspected will help catch oak decline early.

The ISA-certified arborists at Hansen’s Tree Service stand ready to come to your home hassle-free to diagnose your trees and provide an assessment of treatment.

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