Now Is The Time To Start Preparing Your Trees & Lawn For Fall

Fall is just around the corner and while it may still be hot outside, it is now the time to start thinking about preparing your trees and lawn for fall. If you did not do it last year, this is now the time to start.

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To begin preparing your trees and lawn for fall, follow these 4 tips:

Mulch Around Your Trees & Landscaping

Hansen's organic mulchMulching provides many benefits for your trees and landscaping in the fall, from preserving soil moisture to insulating roots. When mulching around your trees and landscaping, use correct mulching techniques that will prevent rot around the base of the plants, oxygen starvation, and too much heat.

Schedule A Pruning With The Experts

Pruning your trees before fall removes dead or dying branches that could become a hazard in the winter. Dead branches need to be deadwooded to prevent the spread of pests and disease to other trees and prevent falling hazards.

Always hire an expert to prune your trees. DIY pruning is dangerous and can lead to serious injury or death if done incorrectly. Research your options and always check the credentials of each company.

At Hansen’s Tree Service, our team of expert, ISA-certified arborists will always use the safest and scientifically accurate pruning methods. We will never engage in unsafe, unethical techniques like tree topping that injures your trees.

Fertilize Your Trees & Lawn For Additional Nutrients

Fertilizing in the fall provides your trees with additional nutrients throughout the winter, as well as promoting future growth and warding off pests and disease.

Get your soil tested to see if your trees and lawn need the boost before fertilizing. Failure to do so could result in over-fertilization which can cause dieback, scorching, and root rot.

Mow, Rake, Aerate, & Reseed

Don’t forget your lawn! Caring for your lawn before and during fall will help it thrive in the colder months to come back beautiful and healthy in spring. Mowing, raking away debris, aerating, and reseeding your lawn before adding a healthy layer of organic topdressing will improve soil structure and prevent diseases like snow mold.

Hansen’s organic compost is an amazing option for topdressing your lawn, thanks to its composition of 100% organic matter and certification by the US Composting Council’s Seal of Testing Assurance Program.

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