The Many Benefits Of Green Waste Recycling At Hansen’s Tree Services

Green waste like branches, leaves, and grass clippings makes up over a quarter of our landfills. With Missouri’s “no yard waste allowed” law, dumping this waste requires more time, energy, and money to haul it to another site.

Instead, all green waste should be taken to the correct dropoff location so it can be recycled.

When you make an appointment with Hansen’s Tree Service to care for your trees, we always clean up after ourselves. Removing all green waste from your property is our way of not only keeping the area clean but taking it to our facilities for green waste recycling.

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Green waste recycling has many benefits that are good for not only our communities but our environment.

Green Waste Recycling Creates 100% Organic Mulch & Compost

When Hansen’s Tree Service performs any service at your location, we take responsibility for the green waste. For example, our tree grinding is eco-friendly with no irresponsible and unethical burning, and all green waste generated goes to our recycling facility to be turned into 100% organic mulch and compost.

Our mulch and compost help keep your plants and lawn healthy by suppressing weeds, managing water, and providing nutrients to the soil. Each product can be easily ordered online and delivered to your home or business.

Green Waste Recycling Helps Maintain & Improve Wildlife Habitats

Green waste recycling is also used to maintain and improve wildlife habitats like fighting erosion in dunes, around rivers and streams, and creating refuge areas for fish. By maintaining habitats, we help native plants and animals thrive for a healthier environment.

Green Waste Recycling Is Easy With Hansen’s Tree Service

Hansen’s Tree Service accepts green waste from homeowners, builders, developers, businesses, and the greater community. We have dropoff locations in Arnold and O’Fallon, MO that accept green waste materials like:

  • Grass
  • Leaves
  • Bush trimmings

We will happily take your green waste for a small fee, giving you peace of mind that you are doing the best for yourself and the environment.

Put Your Green Waste To Good Use

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