Preparing For a Successful Spring

It is never too early to think about spring! Winter is the time to start preparing your property for a successful spring and ensuring that your trees’ risks are kept to a minimum.

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Remember, tree maintenance is your responsibility as a property owner! Take charge of your tree’s health by following these five tips from Hansen’s Tree Service:

Get A Tree Inspection From An ISA-Certified Arborist

Hansen's tree pruningGetting a professional tree inspection from an ISA-certified arborist is the best way to diagnose health problems in your trees, such as a pest infestation. Winter pest prevention will go a long way in nipping pests in the bud before they have a chance to injure your trees in the spring.

Your arborist will inspect your trees to check for pests and disease, do a risk assessment, and help you understand your tree’s unique needs.

Ensure Trees Have Enough Water

Even in the winter, trees need water to maintain their health and prevent drying. Watering is essential in young and newly transplanted trees, as they are more sensitive to drought. If the season has been dry and your trees show symptoms such as browning needles and dry soil, give your trees a slow soak. This will give your trees the boost they need to stay healthy and bloom beautifully in spring.

Check Mulch Around Your Trees & Replenish, If Needed

Take the time to check the mulch around your trees in the winter. Mulch is an essential part of tree care in that it helps:

  • Maintain soil moisture
  • Insulate roots
  • Improves soil
  • Prevents weeds

Rake through your current mulch to aerate it and check the mulch depth. You want to stay about 2-4 inches deep. If applying new much, be sure to mix it up with the new.

Clean Your Yard Of Debris & Weeds

Weeds and excess debris in your yard can hinder its health throughout the winter and into spring. Though many weeds in the Midwest do not grow in the winter, removing them early can save you a lot of maintenance in the spring.

Removing excess debris such as leaves and sticks from your yard will not only boost its curb appeal but help prevent diseases like snow mold.

Treat Your Trees With A Professional Pruning

Winter is a great time to get your trees professionally pruned! Harmful pests attracted to freshly pruned trees, such as elm bark beetles, are dormant in the winter, making your trees less vulnerable. Winter pruning also promotes spring growth, as there is no interruption in the tree’s growth cycle.

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