4 Tips For Preventing Salt Damage In Your Trees This Winter

Applying de-icing salts is a common site in the winter, keeping our sidewalks, roads, and driveways free of ice and safe. But extensive use can damage trees close by, leading to their poor health.

To prevent salt damage to your trees this winter, follow these four tips from Hansen’s Tree Service:

What Does Salt Damage Do To Trees?preventing salt damage

When a tree is affected by salt in the winter, the damage can vary from year to year and tree to tree. Symptoms include:

  • Bark discoloration
  • Brown needles on evergreens
  • Premature needle drop on evergreens

Trees can suffer salt spray damage to the side facing the road and becomes more one-sided as that part of the tree is killed. The accumulation of salt also stunts the growth of trees, preventing them from getting the nutrients they need.

Choose Salt Tolerant Trees

All trees are affected by salt, some more some than others. For example, trees with thinner bark like beeches are more susceptible to salt damage than trees. Salt-tolerant trees include:

  • Gingko
  • Pin oaks
  • Sunburst honey locust

As always, research the best tree for your location before purchasing.

Plant In An Area That Won’t Get Salted As Often

One of the best ways to avoid salt damage to your trees in the winter is to plant them in areas that won’t get salted as often, like the backyard, to limit their exposure. While not one hundred percent foolproof, the farther away trees are from the road, the less likely they are to be damaged.

Water Trees Thoroughly

Keeping your trees watered in the winter is a great way to irrigate the soil and move salt away from its roots. It will also help keep trees like evergreen from drying out during a dryer winter.

Get Your Trees Pruned

Trees that exhibit dieback should be professionally pruned by an ISA-certified arborist. This will remove areas that can fall and hurt someone and help prevent the tree from becoming even more stressed. Removal will also discourage pests and disease from taking root.

Contact a professional tree care company like Hansen’s Tree Service for the best tree care and health solutions this winter, including 24/7 emergency tree services.

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