What’s Wrong With My Tree? Overwintering Pests

A Variety Of Pests Overwinter In Trees

Overwintering pests include many scale insects (found mostly on oaks, maples and pines) and spider mites. They make their homes inside trees for the winter before emerging in the spring to feed. This can cause damage to your trees if left untreated for too long.

Symptoms Of Overwintering Pestspest prevention

It can be challenging to notice the symptoms of overwintering pests, since many overwinter inside the tree itself. However, if you notice an excess of pests inside your home, an increase in woodpecker activity or the presence of pests during a warm winter day, call a professional.

Treating Overwintering Pests In Your Trees

One of the best ways to combat overwintering pests is to figure out where they are coming from and stop them at the source. Removing debris and weeds from the yard can control pests as you’ll be taking away popular hiding spots. Remember to clean out your gutters and keep the house clean of crumbs!

If you keep firewood, place it at least 20 feet away from the house, elevated, and covered.

Horticultural oil treatments (or dormant oils) can be scheduled now for next spring. These oils are applied to your trees by an ISA-certified arborist during the dormant season. These very thin and highly-refined oils are mixed with water and then sprayed on trees and shrubs, killing the pests and their eggs. This works by cutting off their supply of oxygen, making it very effective and safe for trees.

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