Trends In Landscaping For 2024

Landscaping can speak volumes about a homeowner’s personal tastes, interests and priorities. And as with virtually everything in life, what’s “in” when it comes to landscaping evolves regularly, reflecting not only styles and trends, but changes in society and culture.

If you’re considering updating or completely replacing your landscaping, you may want to consider a few new or existing trends in landscaping that have taken root recently.

Trends In Landscaping For 2024

Outdoor Living Spaces

Not exactly a new trend, but one that seems here to stay, outdoor living spaces can include outdoor kitchens, fire pits, seating areas for entertaining, outdoor entertainment centers, gazebos and more. This trend predates the pandemic but seems to have strengthened as lockdowns and sustained trends in remote work have caused homeowners to increase their focus making their homes not only more comfortable but also more versatile.

Natural Design

There will likely always be those who love nothing more than a meticulously manicured look to their landscaping. While this look takes time, effort and commitment, these homeowners are happy to make that investment in order to achieve that “perfect” look.

But increasingly, homeowners are turning to natural design, seeking to create relaxed looks, often recreating natural habitats featuring native plants and trees, cultivated in an organic fashion. This requires research and planning, but the result can be landscaping that, since it consists of naturally occurring plants and trees, can be not only visually appealing, but more suited to local weather conditions and soil, which can also mean less maintenance.

Green Landscaping

As many homeowners become more environmentally aware, the trend away from chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides has grown in recent years. This also can involve limiting yard waste associated with bagging grass clippings and leaves, instead letting grass clippings fall into the lawn and developing compost piles. These homeowners will also allow their lawns to go dormant during the heat of summer rather than constantly watering to maintain a deep green color. This also reduces pollution from gasoline powered lawn mowers, string trimmers and other landscaping tools.

Smart Landscaping

Just as technology has produced “smart homes” with automated and/or remotely monitored and controlled lighting, heating and cooling systems, window treatments, security systems and other features, smart landscaping enables homeowners to automate irrigation, lighting and even outdoor sound systems on decks and patios.

These systems can be an excellent choice for homeowners who travel frequently or who wish to ensure their homes appear to be occupied at all times.

Smart landscaping also involves planting selected species of trees, for example, in locations that will minimize heating and cooling costs. Trees and shrubs that create shade for a house can lower summer cooling costs and create a natural barrier to wind which can reduce heating costs in the winter.

Vertical Gardens

Encouraging plant growth on walls, fences and pillars is a popular trend, especially in settings where space is at a premium. These vertical gardens or “living walls” involve the use of ivies and other climbing/clinging plants, many of which grow quickly, are hardy and resilient. The result can be an engaging, artful and unique appearance.

Wildflower MEADOWS

The wildflower meadow trend is not new, but certainly has continued to grow in popularity. Wildflower meadows are usually dedicated portions of a yard or property on which native species of plants and grasses are planted and maintained, creating the polar opposite of a highly-manicured look, but one that is also beautiful, visually appealing and relaxing. Many homeowners choose to establish a wildflower meadow in a portion of a front yard, a side yard or around a deck or patio.


Gardens, whether flower gardens or those producing edible produce, never went away, but seem to have come back with a vengeance since the start of the pandemic in early 2020.

Maintaining a garden takes time and physical presence, both of which people who work from home full- or part-time often have more of than in the past when they spent hours a day at the office or commuting. Homeowners who choose to start gardens give themselves a green, healthy, stress-reducing activity that can beautify their home and provide fresh, organically grown foods.

Call In The Experts

Our certified arborists have decades of experience in working with trees and outdoor plant life. They can also advise you on which trees, bushes and plants will beautify and thrive around your home, help you develop a plan for your home’s landscape and turn it into reality.

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