What Is The Best Time Of Year To Remove A Tree?

We love our trees. They bring value to our home, help reduce energy costs, and help filter the air we breathe. But sometimes a tree has to be removed, either from disease, pests like emerald ash borer, or damage that creates risk we aren’t willing to tolerate. If this occurs, [...]

Hansen’s Tree Service Introduces Online Product Ordering & Home Delivery Service

At Hansen’s Tree Service we are always looking for ways to makes it easier for you to get the best lawn and tree care products. After all, a healthy tree and lawn means your home is safe and beautiful.

Preparing Your Trees For Spring Storms

Spring storms are an inevitable fact of life each year, with warm, moist air colliding with cold, dry air creating those storms we all expect each year. These spring storms can be unpredictable and destructive and if not prepared, your trees can take the brunt of the damage. Up Next: [...]

5 Tips For Helping Your Trees Recover From Winter

March is here and while winter isn’t quite done with us yet, spring is only a few weeks away. With freezing temperatures, ice, and snow, your trees have seen it all and could use a little help recovering from the winter. Up Next: Winter Tree Damage: 5 Things To Look [...]

Soil Injected Fertilizers Versus Pellets & Stakes

Do you want to keep your trees healthy and robust? In many cases, adding fertilization to your tree care routine is just what’s needed. But what kind of fertilizer should you use? Stakes, pellet, or liquid fertilizers? Up Next: Budgeting For Home Tree Care Liquid soil injected fertilizers have many [...]