After Tree Removal: Should I Remove The Stump Or Grind It?

Property owners like yourself have a legal obligation to take reasonable steps to ensure that your property is safe. The removal of a dead tree from your property is your duty of care as a homeowner. It makes your property safer for visitors and prevents attracting pests.

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After a tree is removed, a stump is left behind. The question you will now have to ask yourself is, should you remove it entirely, or grind it?

Stump Grinding Is Environmentally Friendly

When choosing your stump removal method, remember that grinding the stump out may be the best option. Some tree owners attempt to cut roots then pull the stump out. A quick check of video bloopers on social media and you’ll find that this often ends in embarrassment, property damage, or injury. Others try chemicals that claim to dissolve the stump, and still others try burning the stump. Both are dangerous, smelly, and not very eco-friendly.

The stump grinding method itself is more economical and less damaging to the area than stump removal as the stump is ground down to below ground level and the remaining hole is filled in with soil. Often, the stump can be ground out to a depth that allows a new replacement tree to be planted in the same spot.

Stump grinding is environmentally friendly in that there is no burning, chemicals, or excess disturbance of the soil and the ground stump material can then be used for mulch.This method is easy to do, less labor intensive, more aesthetically pleasing, and budget friendly.

Have A Hansen’s ISA Certified Arborist Remove Your Stumps

Whatever method of stump removal you choose, you should not attempt to do it yourself. It could result in injury to others and damage to property. An ISA Certified arborist from Hansen’s Tree Service is trained and insured to get the job done right safely. We will always verify any underground public utilities before grinding.

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