The Best Color Mulch To Match Your House

Mulch is an excellent way to care for your trees and landscaping. Hansen’s 100% organic mulch protects roots, suppresses weeds, manage water, and many more benefits.

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Matching the mulch to your home is a way to boost the curb appeal of your property, and shades of brown, black, and red are all available for purchase both online and over the phone at Hansen’s Tree Service.

What Do You Plan On Planting?

What you plan on planting in your garden will go a long way in helping you decide on the best mulch to match your house. For example, black and brown mulch makes the color of whatever you plant stand out—especially when it comes to bright flowers.

What Is The Color Of Your Home?

The color of your home is a good indication of what color mulch would look best in your gardens. If you have a red brick home, you may want to forgo red mulch to avoid clashing and instead choose brown mulch. On the other hand, red mulch would look good with a white home. Black mulch is excellent for grey and contemporary homes.

Hansen’s Uses Non-Toxic Mulch Dyes

At Hansen’s Tree Service we dye our mulch with non-toxic dyes whose color can last for up to six months. That way you can enjoy your outdoor color all season long.

Ultimately, the choice of color you want your mulch to be at your home is up to you. We provide a wide range of mulch combinations and our team of certified experts can advise you as to the best mulch for your needs, as well as how much—our handy mulch calculator is always available!

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