Storms Are No Way To Welcome The New Year

The clean-up & recovery continue after an EF-3 tornado devastated Fort Leonard Wood on New Years Eve. Many were left with no homes to go home to at all & others were left with very little left standing of their homes & staggering amounts of debris to clean up & damage to repair. Tree Services were immediately dispatched in the area along with essential service personnel to try to restore electric & gas service where possible.

The tornado also did sever damage in Rolla, Fenton, Sunset Hills & an area of N. St. Louis City known as Lewis Place. Greenville, IL was hit with an EF-O with 85 mile per hour winds which peeled off shingles, downed trees, removed siding and ripped off entire roofs. The storms hit very quickly. By the time the skies actually “looked” stormy it was already too late, the storm was upon places like Sunset Hills tearing the area apart. Weather officials say the tornadoes were hard to see approaching because they were wrapped in very heavy rains.

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