St. Louis Stump Removal and Your Yard

Winter storms can cause trees to collapse. The weight of ice and snow may be too much for an old tree to handle, and it is suddenly lying on its side. When this happens, you may find that your yard has an unsightly stump remaining, ruining the aesthetics of an otherwise pristine garden. If this happens, the St. Louis stump removal experts at Hansen’s Tree Service are just the people for the job.

These unattractive stumps can make it difficult to plant new flowers in the yard. When the roots are not removed with the tree, they do not allow for new flowers or trees to be planted in that space. If you want to plant a new tree where the old one fell, it is vital to have the old stump removed.

Tree stumps can be an unsightly feature for any yard, but they also can have serious safety concerns. Sinkholes can also form under these broken stumps. Therefore it is imperative for the safety of your home as well as your physical safety to have the stumps removed as soon as possible. Furthermore, any time that a stump is left alone, there is a chance that a new tree will sprout from the stump cut essentially defeating the purpose of removing the tree in the first place.

If you have an unwanted tree stump in your yard, now is the time to get it removed. By the time the roots have completely died and the grass started to grow back, it will be springtime! This will allow you to plant your garden or fix up your yard exactly how you want it without having to work around a big dead spot. Call the St. Louis stump removal team at Hansen’s Tree Service today to get your yard ready for spring!

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