Preparing Your Trees For Spring Storms

Spring storms are an inevitable fact of life each year, with warm, moist air colliding with cold, dry air creating those storms we all expect each year.

These spring storms can be unpredictable and destructive and if not prepared, your trees can take the brunt of the damage.

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Here is how you can prepare your trees for spring storms, reducing the chance of breaking and falling.

Pune Away From Home & Power Lines

It goes without saying that pruning your trees will go a long way in making them safer in spring storms.

Remember that it is your responsibility to make sure that trees around the power line to your home (known as a service drop) are safely trimmed away. Have this task done by a professional tree care service like Hansen’s.

Check For Root Damage

Healthy roots are a critical part of your trees, as they work to soak up water and nutrients from the soil. Trees with damaged or unhealthy roots are more likely to fall during strong spring storms.

Tree root problems can be caused by improper planting that leads to a poorly developed root system from transplant shock, or damage from construction due to grading, trenching, and digging. Decay, or other damage to roots may increase the likelihood of tree failure.

Monitor For Wind Resistance

As your trees grow, they can become top-heavy, reducing their ability to resist wind. A professional tree pruner can safely trim away this excess foliage to reduce load and the chance of breakage and property damage.

Regularly Inspect Your Trees

Remember, getting your trees regularly inspected and maintained is a critical part of being a property owner, called duty of care. When your trees are cared for, you will be less likely to be held liable if your tree falls and damages property or injures someone.

Avoid this scenario by getting your trees regularly inspected by a certified, professional arborist from Hansen’s Tree Service. An arborist will come to your home for a hassle free estimate and consult with you on the best planting practices and health care methods for your specific trees.

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