Now Is The Time To Plant Your Trees & Shrubs!

Planting new trees and shrubs in your landscaping. Now is the time to do it! Planting in the fall provides your plants with a host of benefits that will give them a strong start.

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Here’s when and why you should plant in the fall for best results:

Plant Six Weeks Before The First Sign Of Hard Frost

fall tree careWhen planting new trees and shrubs in the fall, keep an eye on the weather. Ideally, you want to plant six weeks before the first sign of a hard frost to prevent damage to the plant.

Allows Roots To Establish Before The Ground Freezes

The cool weather with warmer soil allows roots to establish during shoot dormancy before warmer weather stimulates top growth. This makes for a stronger root system for your trees and shrubs so they will thrive and be able to take up the nutrients they need.

Less Watering Is Needed

With cooler, typically wetter, conditions in the fall less watering is needed and young trees are less likely to become stressed. After planting, remember to add a healthy layer of organic mulch to help retain water and protect roots!

Protect Young Trees In The Winter

Remember that even though a tree may be resistant to the cold, it’s a good idea to protect young trees in the winter, especially if they are in danger from salt damage or sun scald. Transplant shock is also a possibility, so take care when planting to help prevent it.

Preparing your trees before winter sets in and wrapping them in an insulating, protective material if needed will protect young trees and shrubs from a harsh winter.

Consult With A Professional Arborist Before Planting

Before you plant your new tree, remember to contact a professional arborist or nursery professional before you do so. Each tree has different planting requirements (existing soil composition, planting depth, nutritional needs) based on their native hardiness zone or how they were packaged at the nursery.

Consulting with a professional will allow you to plant the best tree for your location and help ensure its survival. They will also recommend the best plant health care plan for your new tree so it can thrive in its new home.

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