Need Tree Care Now? Get Emergency Tree Services At Hansen’s Tree Service

Accidents happen. Trees get struck by lightning and a strong wind breaks a limb off and onto your home. When that happens, you need a professional to assess the damage and remove the tree and dead limbs.

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When a storm runs through St. Louis, be it ice or lightning, or if your tree falls in the middle of the night Hansen’s Tree Service stands ready to provide 24-hour emergency tree services.

Call Your Power Company First!

Before calling Hansen’s Tree Service for emergency tree services, call your power company first! This step is critical for the safety of yourself, your family, neighbors, and our team. Especially if a tree has damaged the lines.

After a storm, always watch out for falling branches, live electrical wires, and avoid moving large debris.

Hansen’s Minimizes Damage At All Levels

We do everything we can to respect your property and minimize damage at all levels. Hansen’s Tree Service utilizes the best equipment such as our lightweight spider-lift to fit into tight spaces and eliminate the need for manual climbing.

That means we will always leave your property looking better and safer than when we found it!

Safely Remove Trees & Debris From Your Property

Don’t risk life and limb trying to remove fallen trees and limbs yourself! A professional ISA-certified arborist at Hansen’s Tree Service is specially trained and insured to perform these services safely. Using the best, most scientific methods, we will care for your emergency tree service needs. That means no topping and no indiscriminate branch removal.

Get Emergency Tree Services Today
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