Help! My Trees Have Bagworms!

Bagworms are a common pest in the Midwest that feed on many types of trees.  While most common on arborvitae and junipers, they can also be found on smaller hardwood trees.

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Controlling bagworms is an arduous task that takes patience and applying the right methods. Here is what you need to know about bagworms:

Identifying Bagworms

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Bagworms are easy to spot despite the fact that you rarely see the insects themselves. Visible signs include their signature spindle-shaped bag nests, about one inch long, made from strong silk and bits and pieces of the tree leaves they are nested in. Symptoms include browning needles and leaves left behind after heavy feeding.

Eggs hatch in May to June and the larvae emerge from the bags to create their own bags around their bottom halves so they can move around and gradually incorporate materials to create a larger bag. Females resemble maggots and cannot fly, nor do they leave their nest.

The male moths are black and fuzzy with wing and can fly, unlike the females.

Bagworms Cause Damage To Trees

Bagworms cause damage to your trees by feeding on the leaves and needles. When left unchecked bagworm feeding will lead to eventual defoliation and potential death of the tree.

Symptoms of bagworm infestation include:

  • Brown spotting on foliage
  • Bags hanging from branches
  • Missing foliage

Safe Removal & Management Of Bagworms

Bagworms can be handpicked from your trees and placed in a bucket of soapy water to kill the eggs before they hatch. After hatching, they can be managed with insecticide sprays or injections.

Since the female cannot fly, they spread slowly through the movement of infected trees and are blown from plant to plant by the wind. Before purchasing and transplanting a tree, check it for bagworms.

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