My pear tree blew down in a storm & I had no idea that my insurance wouldn’t cover everything. Any tips going forward?

These are steps to take before and after any casualty loss to your trees and landscape. Taking these steps can improve the value of your trees and help protect you from being held liable. Take pictures of trees and other landscape plants now while they are healthy and vigorous. This makes “before and after” comparisons easier and will expedite the processing of insurance and/or IRS claims.

Also, check your insurance. In most cases, the amount of an allowable claim for any one tree or shrub is a maximum of $500. Keep accurate records of your landscape and real estate appraisals on any losses for insurance, legal, and income tax purposes. Consult your local Arborist or Plant Health Care professional at every stage in the life cycle of your landscape (planning, planting, care) and to make sure you do not suffer needless financial loss when a casualty strikes. Remember: You are responsible for the care and maintenance of the trees on your property!

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