5 Flowering Trees For Small Spaces

For those of us with smaller yards, space is something to be used wisely. When it comes to planting flowering trees, there are several varieties that could meet your needs. From delicate blooms to brilliant fall color, these trees can brighten up your property in a pinch. Up Next: 4 [...]

Hansen’s Planting Tips: Tree Sun Requirements

We have all picked up a plant at a nursery and read the care tag stating that plant’s sun requirements. Just like any other plant, trees require different types of sunlight. When preparing your desired planting site, check how much sun it gets each day in addition to soil type [...]

Native Landscaping: Trees & Plants To Attract Birds In Missouri

Spring is just around the corner and already we are starting to see birds like robins make their appearance. Birds are an essential part of our ecosystem, acting as pollinators and pest control. Up Next: Tips For Creative Your Native Missouri Pollinator Garden With Hansen’s Super Soil Not only are [...]

What Is Wrong With My Tree? Fire Blight

Fire Blight Is A Bacterium Fire blight is caused by a bacterium called Erwinia amylovora that affects the flowers, fruit, stems, and leaves of trees and shrubs. If not controlled, it can cause dieback and even kill the plant. What Trees & Shrubs Are Affected By Fire Blight? While fruit [...]

Hansen’s Top Tips For Choosing The Right Tree For Your Property

At Hansen’s Tree Service, we always say, “The right tree in the right place.” Correct tree selections and placements on your property not only optimizes the benefits of trees but avoids conflicts with other species and utility lines. Tree selection and placement are some of the most important decisions you [...]