Why should I care about plant health care?

If you own a home, it’s important to ensure that your landscaping is aesthetically pleasing and healthy. Plant health care keeps your plants alive and thriving, protecting the investment of both time and money you have made in creating an attractive landscape for your property. Ensuring that the foliage surrounding [...]

Am I Covered If A Tree Falls On My Home?

If your home is damaged by a tree in a storm or a neighbor attempting DIY tree care, will your insurance cover it? That’s the question that’s on a lot of homeowners minds when they cast a wary eye on that old tree that isn’t looking too healthy. Up Next: [...]

Tree Pruning Guide: Power Lines & Your Trees

Fallen trees and branches due to severe weather and other factors are one of the leading causes of electric power outages in the United States. To prevent outages, trees around lines will need to be pruned back to promote healthy growth, “train” the trees to grow away from the line, [...]

Can I Prune My Trees In The Summer?

Yes! Pruning is an essential part of caring for your trees and promotes growth, prevents branch failure, and removing unhealthy growth. It also keeps branches away from power lines and your home, preventing damage and outages. Up Next: What Is The Best Time Of Year To Remove A Tree? Here [...]

Tree Maintenance: A Property Owner’s Responsibility

While healthy trees add value to your property, they can cost you if improperly cared for. As a property owner, you have a legal duty to inspect your trees for defects that may result in harming people that visit your property. This legal obligation is known as “duty of care” [...]