What’s Wrong With My Tree? Wetwood

Wetwood Is A Common Bacterial Disease Also called slime flux, wetwood is a common bacterial disease of trees that affects a wide range of species, including:

Combating Dutch Elm Disease In Missouri

Dutch elm disease is a fungal disease caused by Ophiostoma ulmi that enters the tree through wounds. Once infected, it spreads to the woody tissue that conducts water before moving throughout the tree. This stops the tree from getting the nutrients it needs. Dutch elm disease is found in most [...]

The 4 Best Replacement Trees For Your Ash

Ash trees are highly susceptible to the invasive emerald ash borer. This pest feeds on the leaves and bark of ash trees, causing extensive damage and tree death. Since 2002, it has killed millions of ash trees and caused billions of dollars of damage in the United States. Up Next: [...]

What Is Wrong With My Tree? Dutch Elm Disease

Dutch Elm Disease Is A Fungal Disease Dutch elm disease is a vascular wilt disease caused by the fungus Ophiostoma ulmi. It can enter the tree through wounds made by native elm bark beetles, European elm bark beetles, or root grafts. What Trees & Shrubs Are Affected By Dutch Elm [...]