What’s Wrong With My Tree? Wetwood

Wetwood Is A Common Bacterial Disease

Also called slime flux, wetwood is a common bacterial disease of trees that affects a wide range of species, including:

  • Elms
  • Poplar
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    Randy Cyr, Greentree, Bugwood.org
  • Birch
  • Maple
  • Dogwood
  • Oak
  • Pine

This disease is usually not serious, and trees can often recover on their own. But a chronic case of wetwood can lead to decline if left untreated.

Signs And Symptoms Of Wetwood

If your tree appears wet with a sour-smelling liquid, it’s a sure sign of wetwood. You will see this most frequently on wounds, bark cracks, and tree crotches near the lower part of the tree. Over time, wetwood may be found on higher branches. In elms, it can be mistaken for Dutch Elm Disease.

Managing And Treating Wetwood

There is no surefire way to control wetwood other than managing your tree’s health through correct pruning, fertilization, and mulching. If you suspect wetwood in your trees or another problem, an ISA Certified Arborist at Hansen’s Tree Service will come to your home for an inspection and hassle-free estimate. Our arborists will inspect your trees for damage or infection and recommend treatment and prevention.

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