Keep Your Evergreens Green

It may seem basic; evergreens are always green. That’s why they’re called “evergreens.” But that’s not always the case as evergreens can turn brown, usually in one or two areas and then turn progressively brown. This can be traced to a number of causes, including a variety of diseases, pest [...]

Protect Your Trees: Watch For Signs Of Stress

Trees may seem to stand silently outside, day and night, through perfect weather and miserable conditions. And when they suffer from damage, disease or inadequate care, many homeowners are surprised to learn their tree – or trees – were suffering from serious, worsening problems. But that can be avoided by [...]

Pruning 102

As you read in our recent blog “Pruning 101”, pruning trees is essential to their health and growth, and to the safety of you, your loved ones and your property. Correctly pruning trees protects these valuable assets, beautifies your property and doesn’t require a large assortment of tools or exceptional [...]

Pruning 101

Pruning is easy. You just grab whichever saw or pruning shears you find hanging on the wall in the garage and lop off a dead or dying limb. No problem. Not so fast. First, it’s important to remember your trees are valuable assets. A 45-foot oak that has grown for [...]

Time To Prepare Your Garden For Fall

The cool, crisp days of fall with their light, dry breezes, and turning leaves may seem far away during the dog days of summer, but now is the time to plan for fall tree care. Investing some planning, time, and effort in your fall tree care can ensure your trees [...]