Protect Your Oak Trees

Oak trees are notable for their size and strength. They’re also one of the most common trees in the St. Louis area and in the Midwest. Oaks are robust trees with generally strong root systems that contribute to their excellent stability, even in the face of violent windstorms. But even [...]

What’s the difference between ISA Certification and an ISA Qualification?

ISA Certification (International Society of Arboriculture Certification) is a credential offered by the International Society of Arboriculture, a professional organization dedicated to promoting proper tree care practices worldwide. ISA Certification is designed to assess and recognize the knowledge and skills of individuals working in the field of arboriculture, specifically related [...]

What are level 3 risk assessments in tree care?

Are you a property owner looking for tree care services? If so, it’s essential to ensure that your arborists take the necessary steps to assess potential risks associated with the trees on your property. One key step in this process is known as a Level 3 Risk Assessment, but what [...]

Improving soil and tree care with an AirSpade® at Hansen’s Tree Service

Are you looking for ways to improve your soil and tree care? At Hansen’s Tree Service, we are proud to offer our clients an effective, efficient tool for providing the highest levels of care: The AirSpade®. The AirSpade® is a pneumatic soil excavation tool that Hansen’s is now employing in [...]

How to care for your beech trees in Missouri

As a homeowner in Missouri, you’re likely familiar with the beauty of beech trees and their presence throughout the state’s forests. Whether it’s a single tree or an entire grove on your property, these trees can add incredible value to any landscape. But taking care of them isn’t always straightforward [...]