Developers, engineers, and architects often need the expertise of a certified arborist who understands the balanced approach for tree removal and tree protection activities during the development planning process. Your trees are an investment. Consider protecting trees during development to create a natural attraction for your clients that protects the investment they’ve made.

Hansen’s has an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist with 30 years of experience partnering with development teams to create detailed plans that promote thoughtful site development. Many projects in the St. Louis area were developed with guidance from our arborist.

Step-by-Step Guidance

Our expertise will guide your team through interpreting ordinance requirements and developing realistic plans to protect trees that will enhance the final project once completed.

Many tree protection plans begin with an inventory and assessment of trees on the project site. Using a team approach with the architect, engineer, and arborist, this information will help to identify and map the critical root zone of the trees that provide the greatest value to the project.

Providing Care During and After Development

Once the tree inventory and assessment is complete, a set of prescriptions is then developed to identify specific treatments needed for each of the protected trees. Recommendations are selected from a large palette of options, including proper placement of tree protection fencing to insure:

  • Proper location of tree protection fencing to minimize disturbance to critical root zones
  • Root pruning in proper locations
  • Chemical treatments to enhance development of new roots to impacted trees
  • Clearance pruning
  • Soil enhancements

Our tree protection plans also includes suggested routes for equipment and material movement on the development site. Routes need to consider tree protection and development costs.

Providing Additional On-Site Tree Services

Once development plans are complete, Hansen’s team can deliver the prescribed treatments including installation of tree protection devices and performing root pruning, branch pruning or chemical treatments.

Trees that are not scheduled for protection can be removed by Hansen crews in a manner that reduces the impact on nearby protected trees. Hansen’s also provides site clearing and stump grinding during initial . Trees to be removed are chipped on site and the mulch reused to enhance root systems of protected trees. This full range of tree protection services provides a start-to-finish, one-stop turn-key operation!