I have a heavily wooded, 5 acre lot and I want clear about an acre of land for a home. What are my options?

First of all, make sure that you are willing to lose all of those trees. Then, the site will be planned before construction in order to keep the trees you want to keep safe. Trees don’t deal well with the stress brought on by construction, so if there are prized trees on the plot of land you want to clear, be sure to mark them and make it very clear to your builder that you do not want the root zone of those vital trees disturbed.

Each site also has factors such as location and accessibility to take into consideration when planning grinding and land clearing . It might be possible to take down these trees and then use one of our large mobile tub grinders to mulch up the debris; a relatively quick method. If the location won’t allow large equipment, then a tree crew will come and work for a few days in order to take down the trees and chip them up with a smaller machine called a chipper.

Phone our office at 636-379-1830 and request a consultation with an arborist before you begin this building process to ensure that you are going to be able to save the trees that you want to and that the rest of your clearing project can be managed in an efficient and professional manner.

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