After I phone Hansen’s for an estimate, how long will it take for an arborist to come to my home?

Generally speaking, it takes about two business days in order for a certified arborist to make it to a home for an estimate. If you know what work you need done and can describe it to us when you call, it will make the process much more simple. For example, you have limbs on your elm tree in the front yard scraping your roof and you want them removed. Simply phone in and describe that very situation and indicate the location of tree so we can be certain that we are looking at what you want us to look at and we can estimate it for you.

You don’t need to be home if you can give us a description of what you want done and the location of the trees. We will be glad to leave you an estimate along with a brochure and our insurance documentation right on your front door. After reviewing these documents, just phone us with any questions you might have.

For emergency tree services after events like a storm, we do our best to make it to everyone who calls as quickly as possible. However, due to the staggering number of calls, it can take a day or two before we get around to each one. We always try to respond to the most severe calls first. If your tree has fallen on your home or is blocking your driveway, then rest assured that you have called the right people and we will respond promptly and get things cleaned up so that you can get back to normal as soon as possible.

Please remember: We value the safety of our employees, so we cannot send them out in rain and lightning or ice. As soon as the storm subsides, we will be there managing the damage and cleaning up the aftermath of Mother Nature.

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