What’s Wrong With My Trees? Spotted Lanternfly

Invasive Species Connected To Tree Of Heaven The spotted lanternfly is a planthopper native to Asia and feeds on the sap of over 70 plant species, including grape, apple, hops, oak, walnut, maple, and ornamental plants. Tree of Heaven, another invasive species in Missouri, is a favored host of spotted [...]

Invasive Species To Keep An Eye Out For In Missouri

Invasive species in Missouri pose a threat to the native environment through the crowding out of native species and habitat destruction. A species is considered invasive when it comes from other watersheds, regions, or continents and in their new environment have no natural controls. These invasives can be in the [...]

Invasive Species Alert: Tree Of Heaven

Invasive species are a problem in the Midwest and United States, from emerald ash borer to Bradford pears. Invasive species crowed out beneficial native plants, harming local ecosystems. Up Next: Native Landscaping: Trees & Plants To Attract Birds In Missouri One of these invasive species to be on the lookout [...]