What Is Wrong With My Trees? Anthracnose Disease

Anthracnose Is A Foliar Disease Anthracnose is a foliar disease and affects a large population of shade trees. This disease often appears severe, but in reality, it rarely kills a tree. What Trees & Shrubs Are Affected By Anthracnose? A wide variety of trees and shrubs can be affected by [...]

What Is Wrong With My Tree? Oak Wilt

Oak Wilt Is A Fungal Disease Oak wilt is a fungal disease attacking oak trees in eastern and central U.S. It causes rapid death of trees in the red oak group and a slower decline of trees in the white oak group. Oak wilt will spread quickly to other trees [...]

What Is Wrong With My Tree? Dutch Elm Disease

Dutch Elm Disease Is A Fungal Disease Dutch elm disease is a vascular wilt disease caused by the fungus Ophiostoma ulmi. It can enter the tree through wounds made by native elm bark beetles, European elm bark beetles, or root grafts. What Trees & Shrubs Are Affected By Dutch Elm [...]

What Is Wrong With My Tree? Oak Gall

Small Wasps Cause Oak Gall This twig disease has been historically disregarded as a cosmetic tree problem. Large growths develop on the stems of oak trees and cut off the flow of nutrients out to the tip of the twig. Oak trees have so many branches that a few galls [...]