What Is Wrong With My Tree? Fire Blight

Fire Blight Is A Bacterium Fire blight is caused by a bacterium called Erwinia amylovora that affects the flowers, fruit, stems, and leaves of trees and shrubs. If not controlled, it can cause dieback and even kill the plant. What Trees & Shrubs Are Affected By Fire Blight? While fruit [...]

Is Too Much Rain Bad For My Trees?

It is no secret that rain is good for your trees. The water helps the tree establish root systems and take in the nutrients it needs to be healthy. But is there a thing as too much rain? Up Next: What Should I Do If My Tree Roots Are Damaged? [...]

What Is Wrong With My Tree? Cedar Apple Rust

Cedar Apple Rust Is A Fungus The two most common rust diseases are cedar-apple rust and cedar-hawthorn rust. The two conditions have similar effects on trees, but they require a different host species. Cedar apple rust is a fungal disease that spends part of its life cycle on Eastern red [...]

What Is Wrong With My Tree? Apple Scab

Apple Scab Is A Fungal Disesase Apple Scab is a fungal disease that causes severe stress to ornamental crabapple trees. Spores will develop on diseased leaves on the ground. The fungal spores then spread through the air after a rainfall to healthy trees about the time of bud break in [...]

5 Common Tree Diseases & How To Protect Your Trees

Seeing brown spots on your tree’s leaves? A strange gelatinous mass that is reminiscent of something from a sci-fi flick? Your tree may be suffering from one of these five common diseases. Up Next: Prevent Insect Problems With Horticultural Oil Treatments Trying to identify what’s happening to your tree can [...]