What’s Wrong With My Tree? Nematodes

Nematodes Are Non-Segmented Roundworms Nematodes are non-segmented roundworms that live in the soil and play a vital role in the environment, like controlling disease and cycle nutrients. Some feed on plants and algae, others feed on fungi and bacteria, and other nematodes feed on other nematodes. Most nematodes aren’t plant [...]

4 More Dos’ & Don’ts Of Fall Tree Care

At Hansen’s Tree Service, it’s no secret that tree care is our passion. Our mission is to educate and help you care for your trees throughout the year. Up Next: Tree Services To Consider This Fall Previously, we discuss five dos’ and don’ts of fall tree care. This year, we [...]

What’s Wrong With My Tree? Rot Diseases

Rots Can Affect Multiple Parts Of The Tree Rots are a series of diseases that can affect the root, stem, crown, and collar of a tree. They can be caused by fungi, bacteria, and soil-borne nematodes. Common rots include Rhizoctonia and Phytopthora. These fungi prefer drier and wetter soils, respectively, [...]