Combating Dutch Elm Disease In Missouri

Dutch elm disease is a fungal disease caused by Ophiostoma ulmi that enters the tree through wounds. Once infected, it spreads to the woody tissue that conducts water before moving throughout the tree. This stops the tree from getting the nutrients it needs. Dutch elm disease is found in most [...]

What Are These Brown & Black Spots On My Maple Leaves?

Unknown spots on our tree’s leaves can be a source of concern for the tree’s overall health. If your tree is experiencing brown and/or black spots on the leaves of your maple trees, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your tree is in trouble. Up Next: Tree Care 101: Preventive & [...]

Tree Care 101: Preventative & Curative Treatments

When it comes to our trees, their health should never be overlooked. Preventative and curative tree treatments work together to keep your tree healthy and free of pests and disease. Up Next: 4 Low-Pollen Trees For Your Missouri Garden These treatments can consist of injection treatments as well as seasonal [...]