What’s wrong with my tree? European pine sawfly

European pine sawfly is the most common sawfly in Missouri European pine sawflies are defoliating host-specific insects. Common hosts include Ponderosa pine, Lodgepole pine, and other native and ornamental pines. In our region, we see damage to many pine tree species, especially Scotch and mugho pines.

What’s Wrong With My Tree? Lace Bugs

Lace Bugs Include Dozens Of Species In The United States In the United States, there are over 165 species of lace bugs. In Missouri, the most common include the sycamore lace bug, azalea lace bug, and many others named after their host tree: Cherry Oak Elm Hawthorn This species gets [...]

Stop Pests Early With Winter Prevention

Winter isn’t the time of year that we think of pest control. After all, they’re all dormant, right? When protecting your trees from overwintering pests, you have several options. The best line of defense is being proactive.

What’s wrong with my trees? Fall webworm

Fall webworms feed on hundreds of different tree species Fall webworms are a common, native moth found throughout the United States that feeds on hundreds of tree species. These species include walnut, hickory, ash, maple, oak, poplar, and more.

Get that dead tree removed now!

You don’t need to go all out for Halloween! Leave the dead trees on your property for the scary books and movies. There are many reasons a tree may die from emerald ash borer, rot diseases, and structural damage. If any tree on your property is dead or dying, get [...]