Get Your Organic Compost From Hansen’s Tree Service Today!

At Hansen’s Tree Service, we are dedicated to the health of your trees and garden. That’s why we work hard to ensure that our organic products are thoroughly tested and certified to ensure their quality. It also means that products like our compost are created through locally sourced green waste [...]

5 Tips For Amending Rocky Soil

Rocky soil can be a pain for Midwest gardeners. It lacks the nutrients plants need, is not good at holding water, and is difficult to till. Thankfully, amending rocky soil is not overly difficult but expect to do some work! Up Next: When Is The Best Time To Begin Composting? [...]

6 Tips For Getting Rid Of A Lawn Full Of Weeds

Weeds are the bane of many a homeowner’s existence. While they are essential for pollination, we don’t all necessarily want them in our lawns for aesthetic reasons. Up Next: When Is The Best Time To Begin Composting To get rid of a lawn full of weeds, especially if you are [...]

Celebrate Earth Day With FREE Green Waste Drop-Off!

Earth Day is a time to celebrate our planet and strive to make it a healthier, greener place to live.  Hansen’s is celebrating Earth Day with FREE green waste disposal at all our recycling locations. You drop it off, and we promise to take your residential green waste and transform [...]

4 Tips For Buying High-Quality, Nutrient-Rich Compost

Compost is an excellent organic material that introduces essential nutrients into the soil, helps fight off weeds, and allows for better water retention. Whether you are a first-time gardener or a veteran landscaper, it is essential to know your compost and how to buy the best. Up Next: Top Dressing [...]