Rake The Leaves, But Get Trees Ready For Winter

Fall is here and the raking, leaf blowing, bagging and mulching has begun. Fall is a busy time for homeowners with large trees or large numbers of trees as they scramble to clear leaves before the first snowfall. And that’s not far away, as the first official day of winter [...]


Getting a little stir-crazy sitting inside? Why not spend some time outside with the family to build a raised garden bed! It’s simple and sure to keep your house busy for the days to come. Location When planning the location of your garden, be sure to keep in mind the [...]

Hansen’s Organic Mulch 101: Your Essential Questions Answered

At Hansen’s Tree Service, we talk about the necessity of mulch a lot. And for good reason! Organic mulch does a lot for your trees, garden beds, and the environment by providing a host of benefits like keeping the soil a consistent temperature, preventing weeds, and improving soil conditions. Up [...]

Tips For Protecting Your Trees In The Summer Heat

Summer in St. Louis can be brutal. In 2019, the city and surrounding areas experienced dangerous heat with indexes reaching 110 degrees Fahrenheit. While we can bring our loved ones and pets inside where it is nice and cool, we cannot do the same for our trees. Protecting young trees [...]

Should I Remove The Ivy Growing On My Tree?

Yes! As pretty as ivy is growing up your trees, this vine can deprive your tree of essential nutrients for a strong and healthy life. Up Next: What Should I Do With My Dead Tree With EAB? English ivy is especially invasive to the area and can be a problem [...]