Why do evergreens stay green all year?

We love the colors of fall. With all that red, orange, brown, and gold, there is also a hint of green from evergreens like juniper and pine. Why do they stay that way, and how does that benefit them when all other trees drop their leaves? We’ll tell you!

PHC: Prevention Is The Best Medicine

You take care of your health each day to make sure you stay healthy, so why not do the same for your trees? Like us, when it comes to the health of your trees, prevention is the best medicine. That’s where plant health care comes in. Up Next: What Is [...]

Help! My Tree Isn’t Blooming!

Spring means blooming trees, bringing a wash of beautiful green to our daily lives. But when our trees fail to bloom and bring those gorgeous buds, there is understandable disappointment. Is it something you did? Up Next: 4 Tips For Buying High-Quality, Nutrient-Rich Compost Not necessarily. There are many possible [...]

4 Tips For The Best Tree Fertilization Practices

When winter is over, and the snow has passed, fertilization can be a boon to your trees, especially if the surrounding soil lacks essential nutrients. Fertilization also helps trees ward off diseases and pests. Up Next: Why Soil Injected Fertilizer Is Worthwhile But fertilizing is more than just picking up [...]

Your Tree Hazard Checklist For Healthy Trees

Defects in trees can create health and safety risks to you and your property. Falling limbs and trees can damage property or cause serious injury. While the ultimate decision to remedy tree risk issues is yours, getting good information from a reliable source will help you make the correct decision [...]