How to repair and protect your trees suffering from animal damage

Are you concerned about the trees in your yard suffering from animal damage? Animals such as squirrels, rabbits, and deer often cause injuries to trees that can range from benign chewing and stripping bark all the way up to fatal girdling. There’s no need for panic if you notice some [...]

How to care for your beech trees in Missouri

As a homeowner in Missouri, you’re likely familiar with the beauty of beech trees and their presence throughout the state’s forests. Whether it’s a single tree or an entire grove on your property, these trees can add incredible value to any landscape. But taking care of them isn’t always straightforward [...]

Why should I care about plant health care?

If you own a home, it’s important to ensure that your landscaping is aesthetically pleasing and healthy. Plant health care keeps your plants alive and thriving, protecting the investment of both time and money you have made in creating an attractive landscape for your property. Ensuring that the foliage surrounding [...]

What’s wrong with my tree? Armillaria root rot

Armillaria root rot is a disease of trees and woody plants Armillaria root rot is a disease of trees and woody plants caused by the fungus species Armillaria. This fungal disease affects more than 200 species of trees, with oaks, elms, and maples being the most susceptible. Signs and symptoms [...]

What’s Wrong With My Trees? Pine Wilt Disease

Pine Wilt Is A Devastating Disease Of Pines Pine wilt disease, or pinewood nematode, is a devastating disease spread by sawyer beetles that affect Scots, Austrian, and other non-native pines. When the beetle feeds on the pines, the nematodes feed and multiply in the resin canals. When this happens, the [...]