When a tree becomes damaged, diseased, or you simply want it removed from your property, there is no tree too large or too small for Hansen’s Tree Removal services.

Minimizing Damage At Every Level

Even the smallest of trees can be problematic for a homeowner if they become damaged or are in the way. Branches can break off or the tree may split altogether and damage your home or property.

However, tree removal is a breeze with Hansen’s. By utilizing cranes, aerial bucket trucks and other state-of-the-art equipment, we can remove large hazardous trees from almost any location with minimal impact on the area surrounding the tree. Our lightweight spider-lift will fit in to the smallest spaces, yet give us a safe reach of over 60 feet. We will even put mats down on your lawn to prevent damage to the grass.

Stump Removal & Cleanup

Tree removal typically leaves a stump behind at ground level, which can be a walking hazard and/or an eye sore. Hansen’s has the latest state-of-the-art equipment and ability to safely perform stump grinding after your tree has been removed.

We always finish what we start. After a tree and stump removal, our crew will clean up all green waste produced. And at Hansen’s, we make sure nothing goes to waste — all usable debris is recycled into organic mulch.

Fully Insured & Certified Tree Services

We take the safety of you and your property seriously. That’s why we offer you a wide safety net for tree removals. Our teams are led by ISA certified arborists, and we are fully insured to protect you from costly accidents and personal injury lawsuits. Hansen’s is also a TCIA Accredited Tree Care Service and the first accredited tree care firm in Missouri. These qualities are important protections to insure your safety and a job performed to your satisfaction.

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