Property managers understand that maintaining the health and integrity of the trees on their property is essential to the safety of visitors and employees. That’s why Hansen’s offers professional tree and plant health care recommendations.

Providing Accurate Diagnoses

Trees and plants grow best when growing in the right place with the right soil. Keeping trees healthy may require accurate diagnosis of any issues before they begin to create stress on the plant. If issues are identified, accurate prescriptions and treatments are a must. A Hansen’s certified arborist can provide the following services to maximize the health of your trees:

  • Inventory and mapping of trees on your site
  • Assess trees to identify potential or existing issues
  • Recommend treatments ranging from pruning and cabling to disease and insect treatments
  • Provide recommended treatments as needed

At Hansen’s, we will provide you with accurate diagnoses and recommendations. Recommendations will consider what types of trees you have, their current health, any treatment history, and listening to your unique needs.

Keeping Your Property Safe & Beautiful

Your trees are an investment. By keeping the trees and plants on your property healthy, you are not only prolonging their life, but protecting your property. Experts agree that property values are higher when they contain healthy trees and studies indicate that rental and occupancy rates are higher when healthy trees are present. In addition, ensuring that your trees and plants are healthy and sound will reduce your liability by making your property safer.