Your trees have untapped potential. Hansen’s is dedicated to unlocking that potential by providing quality commercial tree care to businesses, parks, and property development companies throughout the Midwest.

We understand that trees are an investment. Luckily, you can prolong trees’ lifespans and raise your property’s value by scheduling regular tree care. We will take your unique needs, trees, and climate into account to ensure they live a long and healthy life.

We Can Handle the Big Jobs

Do you need acres of land cleared? Does whole development in need of tree pruning? We have the workforce and equipment to handle commercial tree care projects of any size. In addition, our company is located throughout Missouri, allowing us to service the entire Midwest region efficiently and at a competitive price.

Minimize Damage at Every Level

Believe it or not, tree trimming and removal is the #1 most dangerous job in America. An inadequately handled job can damage property or even cause fatalities. Therefore, it is essential for your business or development to hire an experienced, safe, and qualified team to handle all your commercial tree care needs.

Hansen’s Tree Service provides:

  • ISA-Certified arborists and a trained workforce to safely handle all tree care.
  • Safe equipment to complete the job efficiently and prevent accidents.
  • A certificate of insurance to protect our customers.

Urban Forestry Consulting

Not sure where to start? Our certified arborists are on the case.


Grinding & Land Clearing

We safely and sustainably clear trees and shrubbery for your next project.



We safely and sustainably clear trees and shrubbery for your next project.


Dynamic Tree Cabling

If a tree that you want to keep is damaged or unusually shaped, tree cabling can prolong its life and prevent property damage.

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