4 Classic Signs That Your Trees Are Stressed

It’s a common misconception that insects and diseases are the only causes of tree illness and death. While trees are very resilient organisms, environmental factors like improper planting and exposure to salt spray can cause them stress.

Trees can be more susceptible to the aforementioned pests and diseases when stressed.

Here are the four classic signs of stress in your trees:

Leaf Ailmentsplant health care Hansen's

Leaf drop, browning, early fall colors, scorching—all these leaf symptoms indicate that your tree is experiencing stress. Too much heat, cold, water, transplant shock, or salt injury can cause your tree to become stressed and cause it to drop the leaves to try and conserve resources. Other causes of leaf symptoms include:

  • Soil compaction
  • Poor fertilization
  • Over-fertilization
  • Mechanical damage


Some trees naturally lean over time, but if you wake up one day and see your tree suddenly leaning, call your arborist at Hansen’s Tree Service. Leaning could indicate damage from a storm or that the tree wasn’t correctly planted for it to develop a robust root system.

Mushrooms Near The Base

If you see mushrooms growing at the base of your trees, it’s a sign that your tree is experiencing decay. Get your tree inspected by an ISA Certified Arborist to determine the cause and recommend treatment.

Cracks Or Splits

Like mushrooms, cracks or splits in your trees can indicate decay in your trees. It could also be damage caused by storms. Minor splits and cracks can often heal on their own, but if your tree is experiencing large cracks or splits, contact your arborist.

Prevent Stress For Healthy Trees With Hansen’s Tree Service

The best way to prevent stress in your trees is to plant them in the right place, ensure proper watering and mulching, and get them pruned by a professional arborist at Hansen’s Tree Service. When applying mulch to your trees, apply two inches around the tree’s base, avoiding “volcanoes” against the trunk. This can invite pests and diseases.

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